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Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides is on a mission, a Space mission. Author of The New Right Stuff: Using Space to Bring Out the Best in You. Co-founder of global Space party Yuri’s Night. Founder Astronaut with Virgin Galactic. Creator of SpaceKind leadership training. Loretta Whitesides is going to Space, and she wants you and me to go, too. So: Want to take a ride?


leadership training

The next evolutionary step for humankind is to be the best person we can be by readying ourselves for Space. SpaceKind training is for teams, staff, and individuals ready to break from the ordinary and take a giant step–for all SpaceKind!

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Yuri’s Night
global Space party

April 12 every year is the year people around the world celebrate Yuri’s Night–with Space parties, Space events, and Space costumes–to honor the past, present, and future of human exploration of Space. Start a Yuri’s Night party near you!

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The New Right Stuff
author’s book

Loretta Whitesides’ The New Right Stuff is the author’s guide to beginning the journey to fulfilling our human potential and our destiny by readying one’s self for Space. What is possible? The unimaginable! And it starts with you!

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Public Speaker

Loretta Whitesides is an electric speaker and leadership trainer whose experience-based insight and passion for Space, the Overview Effect, and human potential has transformed meetings, conferences, and special events around the world for two decades.

“We don’t have kids for economic benefits, we don’t have kids for scientific purposes. We have kids because it’s meaningful and it’s something important, an important investment in the species. And I think that’s the same reason we do Space.”

— Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides

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As Flight Director for Zero-G Corporation, Loretta Whitesides has flown over 18 Zero-G flights and accumulated over 5000 hours of weightlessness.